Strengths of De Lorenzo



We try to have a close relationship with the Industry, Manufacturing and Service Companies in around the world.


This gives us fresh and important inputs to develop training equipment according to what students will find in their professional life. This way of thinking has brought us excellent results and gave us possibilities to develop products that are unique in our industry.


We are adding new technologies to our trainers to be coherent with our new generations but keeping our roots with the importance of hands on training.


One of the key elements in our philosophy of production is the term "modular". Being modular has helped us gain a competitive advantage pricewise using all high end components and to stick to our roots where we design and continue to build in Italy and not to run to emerging countries like most of our competitors have been doing.


Utilizing modular components also helps us breakdown our products in order to customize them and cover special curriculum needs not necessarily give neither less nor more topics than what are


equired. This modular architecture format also helps update our products without needing to change the complete system. And last but not least, the budget; it helps our end users use a smaller budget to buy a basic unit and later on update as funds become available.


For our Group is extremely important training our end users and giving him all the support he may need. This assures us that the educational institutions can get the most of the product and investment.


We give all necessary training onsite and recently we developed a program named "European Delivery", in which Professor are invited to our factory in Italy and gets additional training (besides the one in his premises) and gets to meet the designer of his equipment. Also we make a tour to meet with Italian Universities Deans.


De Lorenzo had sold equipment in 120 different countries. This had required from us to customize our curricula according to each territory, country or even continent.



For the US Market we had partner with well know Professors to redesign some of our manuals and to give the Institutions material according to their level and needs. This gives us additional advantages since besides all the theory, exercises for Professors and Students that we had develop originally with our equipment, we had added local new ideas and information, which enriches our manuals.